The Fabulous City Of Cleveland Ohio

Cleveland, Ohio became prominent due to the manufacturing and steel industries possible because of their major waterways. Many individuals attained wealth through industry, and gave back to the community by building gorgeous homes, and contributing to the local cultural institutions and museums. Although the manufacturing and steel industries remain, health care, major hospital systems, academics, universities and various businesses have been added. Cleveland boasts capital developments valued at over $17 billion, and tourism accounts for $2.7 billion of the total.

Nearly 4000,000 people are living in the city of Cleveland, and they are spread throughout 78 square miles. The metropolitan area has almost 2.1 million residents alone. A lot of the residents remained because Cleveland was where they were raised, and they love the city. Some came due to the lower cost of living and vibrant quality of life. The population is extremely diverse, and the commute times are a breeze.

Cleveland is a major sports fan, including basketball, baseball, and football. The city has an enormous lake, and thousands of acres of lush, vibrant parkland. Although the residents have always been aware of their incredible food, they are just now receiving well-earned national accolades for a diverse mix of ethnic and traditional foods, and their trendy restaurants.

The residents of Cleveland take pride in their music scene, from Severance Hall, where the Cleveland Orchestra has reached world renowned status, to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, to the indie concert venues. The residents are friendly, and visitors are always welcome.Learn more…


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